Kayreer has 200+ man-years experience in Assessment across levels, industries and functions.

You can engage us for Benchmarking or commissioning a customized exercise for you.

Our forte probably is the complete range of sectors and functions** our experts hail from. Our Mentors offer very effective and powerful mentoring programs.

Your entire workforce or as decided, a specific department/ unit or even an individual you hand over shall gain from deploying our range of offerings.

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**Kayreer has a powerful network of the HR fraternity across Bluechip companies ranging over all industries, viz. Consumer, Chemicals, Textiles, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Realty, Construction, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Logistics, Infotainment, Media – Print & Electronic, Software, Hardware, BPO-KPO, Law Firms, Office Equipment, Consulting, Advertising, Hospitality & Tourism, Aviation, Nanotechnology, Manufacturing & Engineering, Equity & Financial Markets, Trading & Export-Import, and NGOs. Leverage this.

All job functions are covered, namely, Branding, Sales, Marketing, Online, Finance, Human Resources, Executive Assistant, Strategy, Operations & Production, Supply Chain, Quality, CSR, International Operations & Marketing, IT Support and Legal Services.