Interests & Hobbies

Colour in Personality is a Must.

This is why interview panels expect you to have extra-curriculars. These leisure activities help shape an individual who is creative, who can strike conversations with strangers, thus develop a presence of mind and shape a healthy witty temperament.

To help you out, we’ve sections that groom you on various possibilities, and how to handle various questions on the same. You don’t have to waste time hunting the basics and latest news – it’s all served piping hot – enjoy:

Golf | Cricket | Hockey | Volleyball | Football | Baseball | Basketball | Tennis | Table Tennis | Athletics | Adventure Sports-Trekking | Squash

Chess | Bridge | Board Games | Puzzles Computer Games like Freecell-Minesweeper | Billiards-Snooker

Newspapers | Reading | Hindi Literature | Vernacular Literature | Music | Movies | Travelling

Debating | Painting | Numismatics | Cartography | Palmistry | Astrology | Astronomy | Philately | Dance | Miscellaneous

An exhaustive preparant for any/ all of these options, and for the the unlinked categories is available for Subscription members. You can enjoy a teaser quiz on everyone of the following: