Kayreer believes in Action. In Doing.

That’s how you learn, and get groomed into a High Voltage Candidate.

Highest order of empirically gained insights form the cerebral base of all actioneering. With our 200+ man-years of country’s and globally recognized mentors behind you, you’re bound to SUCCEED.

Listen to these absolutely satisfied voices:

  • Your well-compiled learning material has been a wonderful asset in my journey of cracking an AVP’s job. – Revathi Suryanibham
  • Having serviced as a 2 in C CFO in a large company for 8 years, I was seeing stagnation. The Kayreer Counseling Mentor helped me acquire a little flamboyance I was missing in my persona, we cracked a large firm’s CFO role. – Name withheld, Overall experience 23 years
  • Was I lucky, yes – for I had offers from Google, facebook and Accenture. I had to make one of the most difficult, fortunate decisions of my life – which one to join. I was able to make this enviable decision because of the amazing advisory services that I received. Within our first face to face meeting with Kayreer Mentor, an ex-Country Head HR with many MNCs, I knew I was in informed safe hands.I am thoroughly convinced that our mutually arrived final decision is the best one and I can realize my lifelong dreams. – Prashant Sanyal
  • Sculpting the CV and drafting a powerful cover letter can be very intimidating, and Kayreer provided exactly what I needed to get through. Helping to craft my application strategy, to answering my numerous questions, my consultant was always extremely proactive and brimming with great ideas. I would not have been able to produce an application of such high quality without her guidance. I owe you a big THANK YOU for all your help getting me here. You’re the best at what you do! – Neeti Vij
  • These guys are absolute bliss to take help from. I’ve taken a lifelong package from them. – S L Sonal
  • Been on the bench despite good academics, and that too at hands of a leading company. So thought of availing services by Kayreer – they were successful in getting me onboard another firm. – Chitragupt Bhatia
  • I cracked 670 on GMAT and wasn’t sure of which school to opt for – after all I was expecting a 730+ and a Berkeley admission. The Kayreer mentor was a damn good expert – probably she has helped thousands before me. The application process was a very expensive one, but she got waivers. the lady mapped my personal weaknesses, goals, strengths, and dreams. And she proved to be accessible at odd times, and made valuable inputs. My career is made because of these guys. – Shankar Reddy
  • I’ve always been a sensitive, but introvertish non-assertive person. My concepts are clear, but am tongue-tied. The time spend with the Mentor Kayreer assigned has had magical transformation in my approach to life. Am no longer afraid or timid, can boldly walk into a hall, and manage any situation, any goddamn interview. I am a new Me!- Pooja Yadav
  • Just wanted to express my heart-felt thanks to this team. The Mentor given to me would be my mentor for life now. – Rajat Kathuria
  • I made it to IAS proper! In fact i took no coaching for the written, as I believe in self-study. Still, I thought it to be a nice idea to have a few mock interviews. The Kayreer team gave me the right exposure – many of the questions they asked me as per my backgound, actually came up during my interview. – Sachin Kumar