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Byte – Ratan Tata

Byte – Ratan Tata on Singur

Question: When you came to West Bengal, did you have idea about this kind of scenario of West Bengal? And will you further make any investment in West Bengal in near future?

Answer: We did not I should say, anticipated will have this kind of problems in West Bengal and it’s very unfortunate that we did. But as I said earlier, we truly do believe and respect what the Chief Minister is trying to do in developing West Bengal. That trust, that faith and confidence have not been diminished. So I have assured him that nothing has changed, but in the interest of this project, we have no options but to move. It’s a time bound project, we have commitments that we have made to everyone. In someways, it was beyond West Bengal, it was an Indian project. It’s a shame that this project should have faced this but now that it has, we have to honour what we have said to the best of our ability and that we would move. However, I have assured the Chief Minister that as far as further investment in Bengal , this will not have no bearing but at the same time but we will be extremely concerned about the possibility of agitation for various reasons that we have faced today. I want to repeat the reason for which we are leaving West Bengal because of the agitation by the opposition parties led by Ms. Mamata Banerjee, not because of anything. We continue to be delish and enthusiastic about what can happen in West Bengal. I just hope that West Bengal can be the state of huge development and not a state which stands only agitations, strikes, rallies.

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