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No Eye Contact Biggest Mistake During Job Interview: Survey

New Delhi: Most of the employers within five minutes of an interview can figure out if a candidate is fit for the job and majority of them consider failing to make eye contact as the biggest body language mistake made by the applicant, says a survey.

According to the survey conducted by CareerBuilder India, about 56 per cent employers come to know within first five minutes of an interview if a job candidate is a good fit for a position.

“By minute 15, 91 per cent can make out if the candidate is eligible for the job,” the survey said.

About 70 per cent employers felt that failing to make eye contact was the biggest mistake made by a job seeker during an interview followed by 56 per cent who identified as having bad posture as a fault.

Other bad body language mistakes by candidates are, playing with something on the table (45 per cent), failing to smile (44 per cent), having a weak handshake (44 per cent), fidgeting too much in their seat (35 per cent), crossing their arms over their chest (35 per cent).

Playing with their hair or touching their face (31 per cent), using too many hand gestures (31 per cent), having a handshake that is too strong (23 per cent).

“Acing the job interview isn’t just about how you answer the interviewer’s questions,” CareerBuilder chief human resource officer Rosemary Haefner said.

“It’s also about what your body language says about you.

Employers are looking for those non-verbal cues to indicate a candidate’s level of professionalism and if they will be the right fit for the position,” Mr Haefner added.

The survey was conducted on more than 400 employers.

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