BPO Communications Acer (CR-171)


A very powerful course that takes your oral and written communications to mature industry expectations level, almost matching IELTS 7-8. Nobody would ever say you lack fluency or make grammar/ spelling/ pronunciation mistakes.

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Without Fluent, Grammatically Flawless communication in English, many a good jobs are denied to you. Even though you might have studied in English medium, because of environmental influences, you may feel lack of confidence while talking in English. To eliminate this obstacle, one can try self-efforts, which are usually enough. One may even join some coaching institute, but few institutes really bring a change. Kayreer has been conducting induction classes for many BPO clients, and so has mastered the art of imparting superior communication skills. the techniques we’ve evolved, give your unparalleled command on language. This Certification is easy for hard working students, but not for those who are lazy and evasive. If you are serious, in not only learning English fluently, with Correct Pronunciations, we also foster personality change. This 45 days plan is also useful for students who seek to score 8+ on IELTS or high on TOEFL. Your interviews stand cleared as you pick appropriate style too.


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