CV Definition (CV-209)


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This is a very powerful service from Kayreer. It isn’t a cosmetic change in a CV. It is a service that associates with you for 2 weeks to as long as 6 months. Herein, looking at your interest and targeted career, we help you define what CV would appeal to the recruiter. This involves thinking out what hobbies to quote, what projects to list (and of course do). This CV definition builds a different YOU over the period – a you that would impress and be really worthwhile for the target company. On making payment for this service, you email your self made CV to us, and we revert back with a Mentor who grasps your interest and career needs. Then starts a detailed process of settling for what all contents could be padded in your CV, with you having time long enough to genuinely justify the contents. This is surely a lovely experience, where you get professional opinion on how you look on paper, and how to synchronise your true self with expected interview lines of questioning.

This includes the Cover Letter service gratis.


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