Priming for a Future CXO/ CEO Role (PU-253)


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You’ve put in initial 2-5 years in job. Is your aspiration to be a CXO/ CEO lost? Or are ou still game for that lofty pursuit. See, the corner office, so to say, is beckoning you. You got to become a high-potential manager/ leader, who could be a CEO down the line.

The executive suites are more satisfying, and allow you to shape a world you like. It needs to be figured out how you are spotted by talent managers, and mentored to be a future top honcho. You have to become part of the succession planning pipeline

“If you want a CEO role, you have to prepare for it with a vengeance,” say authorities.

It necessitates cultivating ties with leaders of other firms by attending industry events. Being a part of associations helpps the networking to grow. You got to internally move accross various roles, esp. P & L responsibilites. Similar tenor is set up in this book – worth having a copy on your table.


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