In deciding to offer job, or admission or promote to the next level, the STEP of Assessments comes in. There has been a tremendous growth of techniques and formats in this sense over last few years. The simplest assessment can be of your aptitude, your intelligence (IQ), your awareness; the complex ones are on psychometric tests (your fitment to culture of organization, your competencies, your EQ).


You can try these out here.


IQ Assessments


CQ Assessments


EQ Assessments
  • What’s Your Personality Type? Try this Enneagram Profiler – many organizations prefer this.
  • The more standard MBTI too can be tried ($10). A Free quickie on Your Confidence.

WQ Assessments
  • This is entirely paid and comes to you by purchasing Subscription to WQ Zone.

SQ Assessments
  • Here your Subject Matter testing is done.
  • Try this MBA Knowledge Quiz.
  • And this HR Knowledge Quiz.
  • Try this C++ Mastery Quiz ($ 5).