Our Team

Ashok Thussu, Chief Mentor & Beliefs Head

With 15+ years experience in Manufacturing and over 20 years in the services sector, he brings a rich background to his work on enhancing Leadership to help people enhance their capabilities. He holds advanced certification from Leadership Management International, USA and has worked on developing hundreds of people and leaders. He has been the Managing Director of a mid-sized specialized IT company.

He worked as the CTA for Project Compstrat for UNIDO, developing a software based expert system for formulating Competitive Strategies. He has served as a member of the executive committee and Governing Council of a leading business school in Delhi. He brings an invaluable depth of experience across countries and industries.

His clients include, NTT Communications, Japan (for their India Entry Strategy) and in leadership development with, GE Money, Hero Honda Group, Asahi Glass, Tecumseh, JCB, Caparo Group, ShareKhan, Slash Support amongst others. He has authored several methodologies and hold copyrights for software based management decision support systems. He has presented papers at several national and international fora.

His prowess lies in running full-fledged programs in the domain of:
– Leadership Development
– Strategy Alignment & Implementation
– Life-work balance
– Customized Interventions
– Lifelong Learning

He is acknowledged in industry as a doyen in this arena. The enthusiasm he weaves in his discourses is infectious; all mid- and top-level management talent can easily relate to him. Further, he is a strong votary for measurable returns in training with demonstrated performance enhancement as the outcome of all development initiatives; this is his forte. He can be reached at ashok.thussu@kayreer.com

Sandeep Mann, Chief Advisor & Operations Officer

An international business law practitioner and corporate transformation/ intrapreneurship enabler with a 2 decades long standing, Sandeep [BTech – Electronics & Communications, MBA – Marketing & Strategy, LLB, PMP certified] is a serial entrepreneur, conference speaker, prolific writer, corporate analyst-mentor, and public causes enthusiast. Quite akin to an arsonist, setting fires of curiosity all over, as he systematically goes about quenching earlier ones. Spreads mirth, and healthy cynicism. Votary for constructive consistent superlative Action&Result-orientation. He is a doggedly purposeful person, albeit indulgent in educative humor.

Leadership Hiring:
He has ably guided a corporate advisory practice across C-Suite placements and mentoring board members, having placed 800+ VPs/ CXOs over multiple industries, esp. Infrastructure, Power, Financial, Consumer Goods, Logistics, Technoology and Hospitality sectors, an experience that endows him with hands-on business perspectives. This Leadership Manpower Resourcing has allowed him to nurture a unique global network which brings grapevine access much ahead of news reporting in public domain.

Corporate Training/ Consulting:
The Six Levels of Strategy-Leadership-Innovation Mindset [6-SLIM] is his acclaimed contribution to business management world – this is a hugely followed organizational transformational and succession planning program. He has witnessed global strategy of many Fortune 500 firms from close quarters, facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions, besides anchoring a multitude of Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises over last two decades. He gives Projects advisory to many firms. He anchors, inspires and drives a syndication of the 400+ of the best of global industry practitioners and ivy-league academia. Ascendancy on scenarios and competition acing programs are his forte. In his mentoring, encourages being a rule changer-disrupter. Insightful and analytics-based discovery of intervention point/ plane is his strength.

Specialties:International Business Law
Foreign Direct Investment
Mentoring Board position
Management Consulting
Leadership Hiring
Project Management

Visiting Faculty in Strategic Management, International Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation, Branding, Supply Chain Logistics, and numerous HR courses.

Dubbed by his peers a Leonardo da Vinci reincarnated, he carries interest in as diverse fields as spirituality, soteriology, physics, governance, blogging, gerontology, education, adventure sports, creative thinking and OOPS.

He can be reached at sandeep.mann@kayreer.com

Sandeep Nagpal, Chief Brand & Alliances Officer

A Seasoned Marketing and Brand professional with 15 years of corporate exposure in leading groups/ firms like Bennett Coleman, Radio Mirchi, and Servamus. He currently heads India’s leading Executive Search firm, LaddersHR, with focus on Media (electronic/ publishing), Retail, FMCG, and Consumer Durables sectors. Has interviewed thousands of professionals for Sales and Marketing jobs for clients in these streams. He is an avid speaker at numerous industry ad educational fora – himself a passionate and analytic reader with voracious appetite and range. He mentors budding talent and holds evolved views on issues the country and economy are facing. Has had a love for adventure sports and traveling across the world (more than 100 countries). Feels very strongly about the state of education and comments on the trends this segment awaits.

He can be reached at sandeep.nagpal@kayreer.com