2 Mocks Package (MO-322)


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An interview coming up? And though you like the company, you aren’t much aware of how they would run the selection process. And you’ve been taking so many interviews yourself, that you find it awkward to appear in one yourself as the interviewee.  So we set up Mock Interviews for you, exactly similar in rigour to the kind you face for job interviews. You can avail of 2 Mocks (with feedback) or more depending on the degree of practice you seek.

The Mock Interviews provide a professional one-on-one opportunity to practice your interview and resume writing skills with one of our leading mentors who have taken thousands of interviews. We’ve a panel of 400+ mentors from the business community help out with Mock Interviews. The mock interview questions are skill/behavioral centered and are general interview type questions. You receive immediate verbal and written feedback from the business member regarding your interview performance, resume, and  professional dress. The idea isn’t to appraise alone, but to enhance your performance in your real interviews. That’s why we have Mentors conduct these, who build your confidence, coach you, and take off any fear/ apprehensions you may’ve.



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