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A third of women say men are offered more opportunities at work

One in three (31%) working women in the UK believe men are offered greater opportunities at work, according to research by professional services recruitment firm Badenoch & Clark.
When asked why they believed this to be the case, more than half (57%) of the 1,000 professional women surveyed blamed unconscious bias in the recruitment and promotion process.
The private sector appears to have more of a gender bias issue than the public sector. One in five (20%) women in the private sector said they had been passed over for promotion because of their gender, compared to 8% of women in the public sector.
However, the private sector invests more in leadership development and training for women than the public sector. More than half (58%) of women in the private sector said their organisation had specific leadership training for women, compared to 48% in the public sector.
Badenoch & Clark managing director Nicola Linkleter said that while it is “fantastic” so many employers are “proactively trying to develop their female talent”, the “outcomes” of such programmes needed to be carefully examined.
“Are these programmes leading to more women in senior positions? If not, we need to interrogate why they are not working and do things differently,” she said.

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