What is not Explicit

Everything that happens at the interview table isn’t spelled out explicitly. Lots of stuff, signals, dynamics, innuendos, interpretations happen underneath the visible. The undercurrents can be unemphasised or overt – but they are there. This is how grown-up humans handle life and professional situations.

Nothing out of the ordinary in this – remember,  just as the interviewers want to take the best most fitting candidate, you too wish to join a stable organization matching your aspirations. So, you the interviewee, need to watch for YOUR interests. You got to read the interview panel, carefully & sharply, so that you don’t end up joining a damp squib of a firm.

Some candidates are too well behaved, and actually soft. The soft are taken to be doormats by mean aggressive interviewers. Don’t shed your sophistication, no need to drop to levels of meanness.

But you got to protect your interests yourself. No momma to look after you, right?

Grow up. This ain’t a world for children. Be an adult.

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