10 Mentor Walk Sessions (MW-450)


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You’ve played tennis or cricket? There is a practice wall, there are nets – in boxing you’ve a sparring partner. If you’ve access to senior people (even your age) with whom you can discuss things, bounce ideas, that’s lovely. Else you can pick a few sessions with any of our available mentors, and seek guidance. Talking about your problems actually gives you clarity, no?

Our Mentors have great practical exposure to life, career situations, relationships – they can genuinely help you tackle your dilemmas. Go ahead. Every session run on Skype is interactive, one-on-one and around 45 minutes long.
These Ten sessions you can plan at your convenience and the Mentor’s (you can even enter a change the Mentor request). Long term plans are aided by this TEN session plan, as introduction, intermediate and advanced.


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