20 Mentor Walk Sessions (MW-157)


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You’re engaged in a project or some crucial examination like SAT-GRE-GMAT-CAT, and are looking for mentoring that results in a near perfect score. We offer the same, provided you too are willing to slog it out. It is a swell journey, wherein you get acquainted with insights about scoring high, while laying a sound foundation on subject matter. Depending on scope, we may move fast, OR primarily focus on one stream, say Quantitative OR Verbal (Reading Comprehension/ Vocabulary).

You are taken deep into the chosen stream, you can occasionally seek guidance on the other stream too. For our mentors are people who have cracked these exams with top 1 percentile scores, i.e. 99 percentile. And they carry great empathy, which enables transference of knowledge and exam temperament to you effortlessly. Of course you need to slog and practice a lot.


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