35 Mentor Walk Sessions (MW-158)


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You’re engaged in a project or some crucial examination like SAT-GRE-GMAT-CAT, and are looking for mentoring that results in a near perfect score. We offer the same, provided you too are willing to slog it out. It is a swell journey, wherein you get acquainted with insights about scoring high, while laying a sound foundation on subject matter. This includes full scope of the exam, all Quantitative & Verbal.

You are taken through Conditioning Phase, Knowledge Areas and Rigorous Testing.

We have helped more than 3000 aspirants reach US – your faculty would’ve credentials like 770 GMAT and 2290 (on 2400) GRE. Have helped SAT students crack 800 on Reading when a month back they were stuck at 660. Transformational ability is the strength we possess.


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