Personal Branding & Professional Networking (PU-256)


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Now that you’ve warmed up on the job market, time to grasp significance of Personal Branding & Professional Networking. Can you be lost in your silo, and yet expect growth? Next level jobs don’t happen through portals – they happen through visibility on the professional network.

Branding is not a Logo you are working with, it is not an identity or profile, not a product or service. It is your gut feeling about YOU. It is not a profile which communicates with people, does business with people, earns revenue, get job and make relations but it’s you who do it. Profile is just a way to express who you are, your objective and to explain your accomplishments. Ultimately your profile, your objectives, your future decisions are starting with your own thoughts and believe which comes through your personal brand. A personal branding is often referred as reputation of an individual, creation of distinct and consistent direct and indirect communication experience in interaction with others.

These days everything is changing around us pretty fast, business, people, production and manufacturing ways, technology, social media, market needs, work expectations, relations….This book gives a roadmap on how to build yourself into a powerful brand, entwining principles of branding, career and strategy.


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