Productive Meetings (PU-257)


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Learn to integrate critical skills into meetings – after all meetings is the mechanism modern corporate works on.

Raise your hand if you think the majority of meetings are a complete waste of your time — not to mention your organization’s time. You don’t need to look far for confirming evidence. We could all use some of that time back. But, what can we do about the seemingly endless cycle of meetings that we’re all caught up in?

The best place to start is to address your, and everybody else’s, addiction to meetings. Many of us fall into the trap of attending a lot of meetings because it makes us feel important. But before you accept that next invitation, ask yourself: “If I was sick on the day of this meeting, would it need to be rescheduled?” If the answer is “no,” you probably don’t need to be there.

Then how can length and outpput be managed/ balanced, so as to To inform and bring people up to speed; To seek input from people; and To ask for approvals. Fielding a focused agenda is next. Limiting attendees also works. Learn this espoteric task, wherein we have pooled in inputs from best of CEOs and mid-level/ senior professionals. Nice useful practical book.


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